Knell in front of me and kiss my heels

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Diamond Lein

By Diamond Lein

Get ready to jump into a world full of pleasure and satisfaction!

Shh, it's going to be our little secret!

I'm sitting on a black leather couch, with my legs crossed, looking right towards the door.

The smell of pure leather and human raw, naked skin is electric.

You open the door timidly, maybe too timidly for my taste.

I'm a bit of a devil, I like breaking brave men.

Come in, I don't bite, or maybe i do

My long, firm, slender but powerful legs are crossed.

I notice you staring at them.

I can already tell what your fetish is, I can read you like a book, my book.

My black painted finger nails gently caress my thighs, going down towards my knees.

Slowly but surely... you can feel them scratching my skin.

I notice you staring at my black platforms

You like platform heels don't you?

They express power, determination, a slender woman like myself knows how to wear them in a manner that empowers her.

Now, come closer and kneel, submit to your mistress.

There are soo many bad things I am going to do to you!