My red shoes are going to walk all over you

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Mistress Helena

By Mistress Helena

Kneel down and tell how much you want to lick my toes!

Welcome to my dungeon, feel the smell of old furniture made by slaves from perfectly polished oak.

The tears of men and women who slaved days, months, years to make my den fit for a lioness.

You hear me walking firmly towards you

There are hundred dollar bills spread all over the shiny wooden floor.

Each step I take is making you shiver with anticipation, feeling the lust boil inside you.

You are all tied up, in a corner, basking in my beauty.

There is a distinctive noise of money being ripped apart by my pointy high leather heels.

I get close to you, letting you peek under my red leather skirt

A pair of handcuffs awaits.

I need your total submission, I feed from your screams as you feel my heels poking deeper into your chest!